Wavesynth 2.0

Leo Peschta, Gordan Savicic

WERP_BOT is a cosy servant for eccentric
smokers and is a ‘must’ for artsy-bars who
wish to offer a delicious service for an aesthetic
LIGHT UP. The robot is simply triggered by
saying “TSCHIK” (which means cigarette or
“ciggie” in Austrian slang). It leaves its idle
state and metaphorically lends a sympathetic
ear by detecting demanding smokers’ mouths
via cam motion tracking. A few computational
seconds later, an audio-signal indicates
that starving smokers should pay a bit more
attention, as the robot is preparing to launch

the cigarette in its special designed “katapultlike-
apparatus”. The participant’s distance
and position are measured by the machine.
According to its calculations the cigarette
is fired directly into the smoker’s mouth.
As the cigarette experiences an elegant 180
degree flip, every smoker will be surprised
by WERP_BOT’s precise targeting system.
No matter what happens, the overwhelming
excitement of the moment leaves the smoker
relieved and satisfied, his/her coolness factor
visibly augmented.