ABS, electronics, Solenoid


One can describe the BM’s as single track drum computers which generate sound by hitting the object they are mounted on. They consist of a simple 16-step sequencer, a solenoid which „pushes“ on the object if a step is select- ed, a battery pack and a RF sender and receiver to enable them to synchronize with other BM’s near by. They can be mounted with its vacuum cups to any plain surface or screwed to any thin else like walls etc. They can be programmed while running and therefor also can be used as a “live” instrument.
There is no limitation in the amount of installed BM’s on a site except the distance between them should no be to big to ensure sync is working.The more BM’s are around, the more extensive arrangements are possible.

Enhancements in Version 2:

RF-Sync (up to 100 meters)
BPM changeable / synced
Shuffle function

Remote controllable via coumputer (used for live performance)